Waterside Estates

Q: Are there restrictions, as far as the type of home I have to build in Waterside Estates?

A: We are looking to protect your investment and bring a certain uniformity to the plan, as such there are certain restrictive covenants in place. Click here to view the covenants and restrictions.


Q: I have never built a home can you help me through the process?

A: Goodview Development will be more than happy to help you through your entire process to plan your dream home.


Q: I have noticed a lot of developments in the area have been taken over by large tract builders. Is there any possibility that Waterside could end up selling out to a larger non-custom corporate development company?

A. Waterside Estates has a unique advantage of being 100% privately owned and is not burdened by commercial bank loans. The wish of the principles who are also residents of the plan, is that no tract builders will be invited to purchase any lots in the development.


Q: Are there Homeowners association fees?

A: Yes, they’re currently set at $100/ year.


Q: What are the tap-in fees for the Water Authority?

A: Please go to the Beaver Falls Municipal Authority site for more information on this click here to go directly to their site for fees and other information.


Q: Do I need a well and septic system installed on my lot?

A: No, each lot is serviced with an available hookup to the Chippewa Township Sanitary Authority’s system. Our lines are gravity fed into their network, which will save the buyer thousands on costly grinder pump systems, often required in many other developments.


Q: What are my tap-in fees for the sanitary lines?

A: Please go contact the Beaver Falls Sanitary Authority located in the Chippewa township office click here for their contact information.


Q: Do we have to go with the floor plans that you have suggested in your website?

A: No, these floor plans are simply to help inspire you. You are welcome to select any floor plan from any company you choose or if you are looking for a custom home feel free to bring your architect along as well.


Q: Do you offer any financing?

A: We are currently working with some local banks and brokers, click here to find the list of contacts and ask about getting pre-approval for a construction loan in Waterside Estates.


Q: How do I go about financing or purchasing my lot?

A. There are several ways to go about purchasing a lot. First, we would recommend you speaking with your bank about getting pre-approved for a construction loan. Often qualifying buyers will be able to role in the purchase of your lot along with the construction loan. click here to contact a local mortgage broker.


Q: Have the lots been surveyed?

A: The Plan has been surveyed, each individual lot has frontage lot line markers. The buyer is responsible to have an individual lot survey performed prior to the start of construction, lot marker pins should be installed at that time.


Q: Is there a time limit on building in the plan once I have purchased the lot?

A: Yes, it’s 12 months, but we will work with our clients on a case by case basis.


Q: Can I bring any builder of my choice to construct my home?

A: Absolutely, it's your investment, your choice.

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